Energy Services

Energy Audit


Our Energy Audit service offers detailed inspection, survey, measurement and analysis of energy flow of a built environment. Results and reports from the audit can determine the present practice, areas of high energy consumption, strengths and weaknesses, and recommendations to improve energy efficiency of a building or equipment without compromising the safety, efficiency and comfort of the workspace environment.


There are three types of Energy Audit programme:


Walkthrough Audit

Walkthrough Audit is a basic audit which involves on-the-day spot measuring activities such as measurement of temperature, lighting level, Co2 intensity, humidity, and etc.


Standard Audit

Standard Audit is the harvest through Walkthrough Audit and trend logging (profiling) which takes a minimum of one week study to months of research (based on Client's requirements)


Comprehensive / Investment Grade Audit (IGA)

Comprehensive or Investment Grade Audit expands from Standard Audit by providing dynamic model of energy use characteristics of both the existing facility and all energy conservation measures identified.


This audit is a high cost Energy Conservation Measures (ECM). The financial viability of ECM requires high capital investment through Lifecycle Cost Analysis and computed the Return of Investment (ROI) based on Internal Rate of Return (IRR) or Net Present Value (NPV).