Energy Services

Cofreth Energy Efficiency Programme ©


Incorporating scientific approaches and development, energy audit & management is conducted to specifically measure and analyze energy consumption and implementation of Cofreth Energy Efficiency Programme (CEEP©). Combined with highly experienced and environmental conscious personnel, CEEP© is an extension of excellent energy management for optimizing operational efficiency and cost savings for our Client.



Based on thorough Energy Audit being carried out in a built environment, we can determine areas where the Client can reduce energy consumption up to a certain percentage. Cofreth will guarantee that percentage of energy savings against the Total Base Value (average of current energy bill) by taking over Client's utility bills through Cofreth Electricity Purchase (CEP) and cap the energy bills within the guaranteed percentage. In the event that the energy bills stretch higher than the capped value guaranteed, Cofreth will bear the cost.


Any savings exceeding the guaranteed percentage, the additional savings will be used to maintain the CEEP© Management Fee. However, should the savings extends to a desirable percentage, the additional savings will be delegated based on Profit Sharing between Cofreth and Client.