Energy Services

Cofreth Performance Contracting ©


Cofreth Performance Contracting (CoPC©), or popularly known as Energy Performance Contracting, is an energy savings contract that guarantees lower kWh or savings. Cofreth shall design, procure, supply, install, commission, maintain and finance the project over the agreed contract period and concurrently implement CEEP© for optimizing operational and technological efficiency.



CoPC© is very similar to CEEP© whereby Cofreth also guarantees energy savings by capping the energy bills to Client after thorough investigations through Energy Audit. The unique function that differs CoPC© to CEEP© is that CoPC© INVEST in Capital Expenditures (CAPEX). Cofreth offers to invest and finance in a fixed asset or to add value on an existing fixed asset to be based in Client's built environment where it will guarantee a long term benefit in energy savings.


The savings achieved will be used not only as profit but also to manage the CoPC© Expenses as well as the Financing for repayment to the purchase of the asset. Soon after the CoPC© contract ends and when Financing has been paid off, Client will get to enjoy the benefit of permanent energy savings as their company profit in the long run.