Facilities Management

Total Facilities Management


The Rendezvous of Sciences, Technologies and Management

Cofreth is flourished with immense knowledge and limitless ability to cope and solve a multitude of complex problems and challenges. At Cofreth, Total Facilities Management (TFM) encompasses and integrates various aspects essentially quality, management, engineering studies as well as science and technological developments. It pertains to the maintenance, supervision and operations of mechanical and electrical systems, housekeeping, safety, construction and delegated management of facilities, tailored to the requirements and needs of individual clients. With its priority in providing comfortable, cost-effective, safe and high quality services, Cofreth strives to accentuate and promote facilities management as a strategic decision throughout the region.


Besides TFM, we can also customize our services based on the following service mix:


Operations & Maintenance (O&M)
Classified into comprehensive and non-comprehensive contracts for air-conditioning, lifts, electrical, fire fighting, building automation system (BAS), lighting, plumbing, sanitary and other Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) systems, the O&M contract will provide skilled manpower for your daily operations and maintenance of mechanical and electrical systems. It eliminates outsourcing of maintenance facilities from various contractors and subcontractors, thus constantly reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency.


Services and Maintenance (S&M)
Complemented by the professional support of a highly qualified and expert maintenance team, the S&M contract covers all the M&E systems on the bases of scheduled maintenance services. However, S&M does not station technical manpower at the site. Services are provided during emergencies and on call.