Facilities Management

Facilities Management Consultancy Services


Property owners today recognise the importance of Facilities Management (FM) for their buildings and facilities. Strategic FM Consultancy from an experienced Facilities Management or Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Specialist during the building design and construction phases of the project would help the Property Owners to lower operations cost, improve on the life cycle and sustainability of the built facilities. Our goal is to assist the property owners to implement strategies that will allow a seamless transfer of the built facilities from design and construction, to building acceptance, completion and occupation.

Cofreth can provide FM Consultancy services on different project phases of your built facilities;

Design Development Stage

During design stage, we help to review the design for operational pit falls and provide our advice on the following, among others;
→ Building humidity, heating and cooling
→ Fire and Life Safety systems
→ Environmental conditions (Noise, light and air supply)
→ Operational requirements relating to efficient operations of the building.
→ Review of space for effective FM operations, such as optimal location of sufficient storage areas

Construction Stage

At this stage, we shall review construction documents and work on operational strategies in preparation of a smooth operation for the built facilities
→ Review Contractor and/or Sub-contractors,construction drawings
→ Review O&M manual
→ Review Equipment Life cycle costing
→ Review major installations that have long term impacts on FM in
    terms of reliability, durability and maintenance costs

Pre-hand Over & Post Completion Stage

Before the MEP Systems have been installed and commissioned, and site hand over, we shall assist the Owner on the following;
→ Obtain and verify documentation such as Asset Register, Spare-part lists, Warranties, Commissioning records
→ Develop FM operation plan and budget
→ Review and advise on FM processes including deployment of FM System such as CMMS, CAFM, IWMS and/or TIFM
→ Developing Building User Handbook

Experienced in FM services for both private and public sectors over last 25 years, Cofreth Facilities Management Consultancy Service would help you to achieve a sustainability of your built facilities.