Overcoming Corporate Blues


You hear the term facilities management, and you think plumber, janitor, and so on. That may be the case, but for most businesses this position is much more than that job. If you are managing a facility, you are maintaining the structure to operate at its peak performance. In part, this is maintenance tasks. Repairs are one thing, but monitoring and adjusting aspects of the building is part of facilities management too. Your utilities bills of your buildings/plants become a toll to manage with the increasing hike of energy tariff. You check how much electricity was used, and then you try to determine if that was justified.  Adding the green component to this facilities management process means that when making repairs, we try to find ways to use what we have on hand, rather than buying a new part. We proactively monitor, and we try to change the outcome to its optimal performance. We find materials that are green or at least in conformance to ISO 14001 Environmental Management System which will Safety, Health and Environment of your all employees and stakeholders in your workplace are not compromised.


Sustainability and energy conservation has been an increasingly important subject in majority of the companies in the world. It especially plays a significant key role for all facilities management operations. Many are beginning to realize that going ‘green’ is an essential aspect for any businesses as it is deemed to bring profitability and goodwill for their company … which is precisely spot on.


Cofreth is currently a solution provider for Green Facilities Management (Green FM). Our Green FM solution offers the key that will guarantee client the most fundamental needs in the business world –COST SAVINGS and Sustainability of built environment, through our efficient resource and life-cycle operations and maintenance approach. We can assist in reducing the energy and utility consumption without sacrificing the Comfort, Safety, Health and Quality at your workplace.


Our Green FM also play a part in helping clients to attain ‘green’-related certifications such as achieving green building ratings for Green Building Index (GBI), Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED), BCA Green Mark, and etc. We have four (4) Professional Engineers, two (2) LEED Commissioning Authority (CxA) and/or GBI Commissioning Specialists (CxS) for green buildings, four (4) GBI Facilitators, Technical Specialist, Competent Electrical Supervisor, and Energy Analyst among others under our roof.


Productivity is also an essential form of asset for a successful and fruitful business. Our Green FM solution, which conform to EMS 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 standard, provide added value for our clients to build and/or maintain a healthy and comfortable working environment. A delightful environment encourages working efficiency which, in turn, will promote productivity for businesses.


Whether it is the high energy usage or low in employees’ productivity, going ‘Green’ will definitely help you to overcome your corporate blues. Our Green FM solutions are of the finest quality that will guarantee you to achieve your goals in being a sustainable and environmental friendly company.