Green Building Commissioning Agent (CA) & Commissioning Specialist (CxS)


Cofreth possesses the technical know-hows to undertake the responsibility of a Commissioning Agent (CA) and/or Commissioning Specialist (CxS) Green Building rating systems such as the internationally recognized Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and Malaysia's own Green Building Index (GBI) among others. Our resources are trained with years of experiences and we can offer constructive advice from the design through to the initial operations phases of a project. Cofreth has conducted over 20 Commissioning Projects with the recent successful recertification of a GBI GOLD Data Centre in Malaysia.

The intent of Enhanced Commissioning of building energy systems is to ensure building's energy related system are designed and installed to achieve proper commissioning so as to realise their full potential and intent. This will serve to eliminate the bad practice of not fully commissioning the installed systems. The CxS verifies right from the onset that comprehensive pre-commissioning and commissioning is performed for all the building's energy related systems in accordance with ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) Commissioning Guideline or other GBI (Green Building Index) approved equivalent standards by :

Enhanced Commissioning:
1. Conducting at least one commissioning design review during the detailed design stage
    and back-check the review comments during the tender documentation stage.
2. Developing and incorporating commissioning requirements into the tender documents.
3. Developing and implementing a commissioning plan.
4. Verifying the installation and performance of the systems to be commissioned.
5. Reviewing contractor submittals applicable to systems being commissioned for compliance.
6. Developing a systems manual that provides information for future operating staff to
    understand and operate the commissioned systems optimally.
7. Verifying the requirements for training operating personnel and building occupants are completed.

Post Occupancy Commissioning:
1. Assist the Design Engineer in reviewing fit-out plans for compliance prior to any
    actual fit-out works carried out by fit-out contractor(s)
2. Work alongside Building Management team to oversee post occupancy commissioning works
3. Work alongside relevant stakeholders towards optimization of building energy use