Green and Clean Expertise

Renewable Energy


Our company is one of the few to embrace a whole spectrum of the renewable energy industry; biomass, wind generation, geothermal, hydraulic, solar, mined gas, non recyclable waste and waste-derived combustibles.





The need to reduce the release of green-house effects gasses enhances the environmental value of cogeneration. Within the context of electricity deregulation and in order to optimize energy bills, cogeneration has been one of our major fields of expertise.


Its applications fall into three general categories; industrial, climatic and dispersed installation. Although cogeneration is at its infancy stages in Malaysia, we have elevated awareness and its significance across the nation through Built Operate & Own (BOO), Built, Operate & Transfer (BOT) and contracting.


Cogeneration offers benefits such as:

  • → Increasing energy efficiency up to 90% (conventional power generation is usually only 40-45% efficient)
  • → Lowering emissions of greenhouse gasses such as CO²
  • → Reducing fuel usage
  • → Improving energy ergonomics