Guardian Staff Safety Systems

Cofreth is the Authorised Distributor for the Guardian Staff Safety Systems in Malaysia.

Guardian Staff Safety Systems with its Headquarters in the United Kingdom is a leading provider of staff safety and protection systems in the UK and European marketplace since 1996. It is the preferred choice of several Government Departments and is widely used in the National Health Service, Private Hospitals, Custodial  premises, Airports and a host of different organisations. It's systems incorporate many unique features which provides a safer working environment for staff at risk in the workplace and it is developed using Internet Protocol technology. This enables simple integration with other security elements and communication devices.

There are 2 types of systems :-

Staff Safety System – Duress Alarm

The Staff Safety System employs Infra-red or Radio Frequency or a combination of both to accurately locate a member of staff if they have activated their “Personal Activation Device” requesting either assistance or response to an “Attack”.  This system is beneficial in a sense that it is Discreet, Safe & Reliable. 

Cell Call System

The Cell Call System, which provides historical system event recording, has been installed in hospitals, prisons, custody suites, secure units and police stations. All units of the system are equipped with stainless steel front panels with vandal resistant buttons and non-removable LED indicators. It is also supplied with stainless steel tamper resistant fixings to prevent any unauthorised access.

The legal welfare and responsibility of employee's safety is now acknowledged as standard practice within Europe and we are proud to be associated with it.