The need for Government to maintain all their establishments under their jurisdiction can be a hassling job which requires full monitoring and control from all corners of their properties such as the government offices, hospitals, universities, convention centers, etc.


What can we do?


Our years of well-versed experiences in facilities management and energy services for government establishments can assist in encouraging a low-carbon and high-income economy.


Facilities Management
Operations and Maintenance including proactive maintenance, corrective maintenance and predictive maintenance for all Mechanicals and Electricals such as high-tech AV, Building Automation Systems, Electrical  Distribution System, Uninterrupted Power Supply, etc.

We have the required capability and experience to offer facilities management consultancy and T&C services during the building design and construction stage, and also assist in advising and supervising on the technical defects and rectification during the Defect Liability Period. 


Energy Managements
We provide energy investment grade audit to select the best measures and ROI to help Government to enhance energy efficiency and CO2 reduction while enhancing sustainability and life-cycle costs of the building.  For Green Building service, we provide Facilitator and Commissioning Specialist (CxS) Services for Malaysia GBI Green certification and LEED certification