Commissioning to Operate Software Solution


Cofreth envisions the utilization of commissioning software to further enhance its portfolio of services to its valued Clients, and is presently exploring the Commissioning to Operate (C2O) software module, which is a cloud-based online application.

The iVivaCloud C2O application provides a set of tools that allows users to track and manage commissioning-related tasks, typically undertaken during the construction phase of a building or tenancy. C2O is a commissioning application software based on the guidelines outlined in the ASHRAE 0–2005: The Commissioning Process.

C2O workflow is based on the ASHRAE tollgate process workflow:
• Tollgate process consists of 6 core submissions (tests) that each asset is recommended to complete in order
   to be considered commissioning.
• Each submission is to be completed in an order.
• Tollgate process dictates that if an asset has not passed a submission, it should not move to the next

Tollgate process ensures that all defects and issues are resolved and the asset is properly tested and commissioned.


C2O Dashboard