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Facilities Management

Achieving Greater Life At Workplace

With over 30 years’ experience, Cofreth is flourished with immense and cross-disciplinary knowledge to deliver operational excellence, technical expertise, innovation and lifecycle management across a diversity of multifaceted properties and assets.

Cofreth Facilities Management has constantly demonstrated the strong ability to meet clients’ demands and expectations. by integrates people, place and process within the built environment with the purpose of improving the quality of life of people and the productivity of the core business

Our approach to facility management is based on driving operational excellence across our services and enabling industry best-in-class experiences across the places we manage where we excel at increasing the productivity in your work places to help you achieve your ambitions

We maximize the efficiency of facilities through strong in-house technical competency, energy expertise, performance contracting, and technology. As the highly technical and experienced facilities manager, we deploy a stringent operations processes, on-cloud energy monitoring system, and ARCHIBUS FM technology that will help you significantly improving operational efficiency and reducing your facility operating costs.

Integrated Facilities Management

Integrated Facilities Management

Hard Sevices

Provision of ON-SITE Operation & Maintenance Service for the Mechanical & Electrical Systems: Air-conditioning & Ventilation; Fire Fighting & Protection; Electrical & Lighting; Air Compressor; Boiler; Vertical Transport; Vacuum; Gas Supply; CCTV & Card Access; Air Scrubber; UPS; WWTP; Refrigeration; Kitchen Equipment; Audio Visual; and etc.

Soft Services

With the ADD-ON of Facilities Support Services as a total FM package: Housekeeping & Hygiene; Pest Control; Landscaping; Waste Disposal & Recycling; Reception Management; Mail-room & Dispatch; Catering & Cafeteria Service; Concierge Services; Helpdesk Operation; Pantry Service; Reprographics; Churn Management; Security & Surveillance; and etc.

Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Service

Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Service

We offer comprehensive and non-comprehensive contracts to undertake the O&M of air-conditioning, lifts, electrical, fire-fighting, building automation system (BAS), lighting, plumbing, sanitary, compressed air system, vacuum system, blower system, gaseous system and other Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) systems, the O&M service cover 24x7x 365 operations.

At Cofreth, our unique O&M approach provides added value service by analysing and integrating maintenance data collected through routine maintenance, creating a database library of learned maintenance protocol to optimise equipment maintenance plan and performance, to reduce breakdown time, reduce repair costs and improve system availability.

Technical Audit

Technical Audit

A Technical Due Diligence is a process of investigating a site to assess its suitability for a particular project and the risks involved. Our in-house pool of multi-disciplinary professionals allows us to offer our Clients a wide spectrum of inputs and evaluation in undertaking a due diligence study of a facility.

Facilities Management Consultancy Services

Facilities Management Consultancy Services

Property owners today recognise the importance of Facilities Management (FM) for their buildings and facilities. Strategic FM Consultancy from an experienced Facilities Management or Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Specialist during the building design and construction phases of the project would help the Property Owners to lower operations cost, improve on the life cycle and sustainability of the built facilities. Our goal is to assist the property owners to implement strategies that will allow a seamless transfer of the built facilities from design and construction, to building acceptance, completion and occupation.

With strong FM and O&M experience coupled with its pool of Professionals and Experts in Green Building Consultancy and Commissioning, Cofreth provides a high level FM Consultancy services to help property owners to optimise the performance of built environment andfacilities;

a)  Design Development Stage

During design stage, we help to review the design for operational pit falls and provide our advice on the following, among others :-

  • Building humidity, heating and cooling.→ Fire and Life Safety systems.
  • Environmental conditions (Noise, light and air supply).
  • Operational requirements relating to efficient operations of the building..
  • Review of space for effective FM operations, such as optimal location of sufficient storage areas

  • b)  Construction Stage

    At this stage, we shall review construction documents and work on operational strategies in preparation of a smooth operation for the built facilities.

  • Review Contractor and/or Sub-contractors, construction drawings.
  • Review O&M manual.
  • Review Equipment Life cycle costing.
  • Review major installations that have long term impacts on FM in terms of reliability, durability and maintenance costs.

  • c)  Pre-hand Over & Post Completion Stage

    Before the MEP Systems are installed and commissioned, we assist the Owner on the following;

  • Obtain and verify documentation such as Asset Register, Spare-part lists, Warranties, Commissioning records
  • Develop FM operation plan and budget
  • Review and advise on FM processes including deployment of FM System such as CMMS, CAFM, IWMS and/or TIFM
  • Developing Building User Handbook

  • Cofreth offers a high performance Facilities Management and O&M Services. Whether you need a fully staffed, on site commercial property maintenance team or property management service for strata-titled properties, we have the right solutions to meet your facilities maintenance and management needs