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Cofreth holds the fort as the ARCHIBUS Solution Centers - Healthcare Transformations for USA's Total Infrastructure Facilities Management & Ubiquitous Environmental Sustainability. We develop and deliver world-class Facilities Management Automation, Infrastructure Management, Operations Management, Real Estate Management, E-FM™ Intuitive Business Transformation and e-Space™ offerings to ARCHIBUS Healthcare customers.

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Cofreth, being the first company in Malaysia appointed as the ARCHIBUS Solution Centre for Healthcare Transformations, is proud to offer an integrated ICT solution for the complex strategic management process of the built environment and facilities by incorporating Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology in ARCHIBUS applications.

The objectives of incorporating BIM technology in the ARCHIBUS software are:

1. Visualization

Creating documentation using BIM has the added advantage of being able to graphically visualize the building, and Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) services which complete with the database that can be queried to produce detailed schedules and lists of the items and quantities.

2. Analysis

Building analysis can reach beyond just the design phase and into facility management. More advanced facilities management systems allow us to track—and thereby trend—building use over time. By trending building use, we can begin to then predict future use patterns and help anticipate future use.

3. Strategize

BIM model can be changed because in the BIM process all of the information comes from a single file, so it is always up to date and coordinated. Thus, BIM technology can be used to plan and implement for renovation and system improvement / upgrading. Other important advantage of having BIM model is to strategize the crisis management when performing evacuation design and implementing emergency evacuation plan.

FM + BIM can support and leverage the core business of the Users by providing them with the best possible working environment, through smooth integration of the infrastructure, management processes, technologies and services


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Online Cloud-Based ENISCOPE Energy Monitoring System

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